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My Favorite Chandeliers on a Budget | All Under $150

Lighting can make such a difference in a room. It's also a quick and easy project that anyone can tackle in less than an hour. I've rounded up my favorite chandeliers that currently under $150 (prices can fluctuate on marketplaces, apologies in advance if they are more at a different date!).

We've used a few of these in past projects, so I will include them in a gallery below.

This is my first pick, because I am putting these in my new home. We purchased two in Chrome for our future entry way. These do fluctuate in price and are available on a few different websites. If you are looking to purchase, I recommend checking prices every few days. These would look great in a small bedroom or over a kitchen island.

My second pick is a beaded chandelier from Amazon. When looking for lighting options in my new home, it was hard to find beaded chandeliers under $300. I have not purchased this one yet, but I plan on using it in a future flip. I recommend putting this light fixture in an office or breakfast nook.

This farmhouse wagon wheel light fixture would look perfect over a dining table or in a master bedroom. We used a similar fixture in the West Gate master bedroom and it was a show stopper during the open house!

Large Capiz Lotus Pendant Shade- $149 at World Market

I highly recommend checking out Capiz chandeliers on Pinterest. They are SO beautiful and elevate any space. They are typically very expensive, but World Market has a great chandelier under $150! Try a Capiz light on a porch, in an office or in a hallway.

This light fixture! Let me tell you, it looks SO wonderful in a bedroom! We just used this chandelier for the first time in our Robinson Ave. new build project. The gold is a hammered gold paint, which up close is not my favorite, but once it's up, it's the perfect soft look for a cozy bedroom.  

While I have not used a geometric chandelier yet, it's on the short list! These lights always look amazing over kitchen islands or in hallways.

If you are looking for the perfect combination of metal and wood, check out this beautiful chandelier from Lowe's. This would look beautiful in an entryway, kitchen or bedroom. Lowe's also sells a larger version of this same chandelier.

The "Spider Light"! I ordered this light for our Lazy Creek flip and sent the box, without opening it, with Frank to the job site. A few days later he called me and asked me "what is this big spider thing for?" I was SO confused and it took me probably three minutes to figure out what in the world he was talking about. Long story short, I fell in love with this light in the space and have since ordered it for another flip! This time, we will be putting the "spider light" in the Downs Dr. flip master bedroom. This light is great for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms.

Thanks for reading!


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